On Rivers of Stone

Firewood Tree found at Being Poetry blogTomorrow I start teaching again which would normally make me feel as though I am lost to free time for a few months.

But, I love teaching. And I love my tutoring job, and I love the time I spend with my students and colleagues on campus, where, for the few peanuts tossed to me, I get the opportunity everyday to shift the way another person sees language and uses it.

After #Reverb10 ended, I didn’t miss the prompts, but I did miss the community of writing– that is, I missed knowing that while I was writing, I could almost hear the palpitations of 4,000 other bloggers breathing hard over their keyboard prompts.

Through Little Yawps, I found another writing community, called “A River of Stones: An International Small Stones Writing month.” The posts I write for this you can find under AROS. They are shorter, more poetic– condensed moments of attention. Fiona Robyn, one of the community founders, has her small stone page is here.

Here’s my small stone for this raining snow day.

Cat, you have that kind of
spinal curve which–

on sloppy street day–
expects only
the plushest fabric and
the scent of sleeping husband.