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On Seeming Effortless

Cinnamon rolls have to be one of my favorite foods.

Over at Pioneer Woman this morning I was drooling at her recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Sweet Rolls. The recipe even starts from the yeast, and not from a blue can you tear paper off of and bang on the counter’s edge.

Man, I like Ree’s blog almost as much as I like the idea of making those rolls for myself and my family. I mean, look at the amount of effort it took to take the photos of that process. That is thoughtful attention to detail.

I reckon I can see why Ree gets hundreds of comments on her blog… she does good work and she makes it look so effortless. Usually that is the sort of person I want to have killed, but for some reason, Pioneer Woman speaks to my soul. I mean, have you seen the way she treats a toothpaste tube?

Anyway, we all have some skill like that. That something we twiddle away at mindlessly while other people stare helplessly, longingly. Playing the guitar, knitting a sweater, downshifting into third.

Just this morning, when I am craving a hot sweet roll, Ree has got one over on everybody.

5 thoughts on “On Seeming Effortless

    1. @Stacy, exactly! Although I fear I would abuse her. What could I give her in return?? A poem? A lesson on how to drive a stick shift? Even though I believe we all have gifts, I definitely FEEL that some have more than others!

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