Rabbit-Proof Fence

There is a lot of wasted life, and so much of our time is used beating back the natural cycles.

Shouldn’t we just leave the rabbits be? Let them mate and mate in our back yard, eat all of our hardwork, hard-earned?

Shouldn’t we look at them and see the best of them? The softness of their fur and all their finest qualities?

Shouldn’t we make excuses for them, and say “Well they are hungry too?”

Even bunnies make mistakes, and end up dead in the road, under apathetic car tires.

The old fairy tale likes to paint Peter Rabbit as the prodigal son. He’s punished by losing his dinner, sent to bed with no blackberries.

In the winter, though, what will the farmer’s wife eat, if Peter Rabbit is too selfish?

You’ve got to dig down deep, buried the fence where they can’t see. You’ve got to work around their gnawing manipulations. If you want to best the rabbits in your perfect garden.

Some rabbits are not rabbits at all.

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