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Three Questions for the New Year: Part Last!

So we made it through some pretty brainy landscapes this week in the pursuit of pondering the end of 2008, and the dawn of HOPE, 2009.

To be sure you aren’t taxed too much, I leave you to think about this simple yet all-important issue, one that often doesn’t get near enough attention in the season of resolutions, “Best Lifes” (per Oprah), fitness plans, and our overall obsession to achieve the perfect self.

So here it is, the final Question for the New Year:

Question Three: In 2009, we are down-sizing! So, what is the best and most creative use you can think of for all the excess fat we Americans carry around on our guts, butts, thighs and and brains?

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6 thoughts on “Three Questions for the New Year: Part Last!

  1. I’d be happy to give mine to poor and starving children in Africa. Or Tammy for her boobs. Both are excellent causes.

  2. Turn it into candles. Everyone loves candles. Theme candles. Gift candles.. “I burn for you” for Valentine’s Day. Sympathy candles.. “Sorry you were ‘fired’.” Meditation candles..”Waxing philosophic.” You could really “‘Fire’ his sorry ass!” …Candles. “Me”lights. Vot(er)ives. Pillars (of the community). Yep, that’s the answer.

  3. Create a bridge between North America and Europe so that we could take a long, gooey walk across the pond.

  4. Use it to power your bodies for a while, as it metabolizes and turns into mostly-water?

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