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Three Questions for the New Year: Part Two

So today I am continuing on my quest to discover what you think about 2009, based on the year we have just left in the dust.

I really love this time of the year, because all sorts of ridiculous reporters get on TV and the web and start blathering with ridiculous pundits about what is sure to happen in 2009.

So in that vein, here is Part Two of Questions for the New Year:

Question 2: You get the chance to predict the outcome of ONE of the current U.S.-involved messes (collapse of the auto industry, Ponzi scheme nightmares, a certain missing terrorist leader, Lindsay Lohan’s lesbianism, etc.) and your prediction will help determine the outcome! What would you choose and why?

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2 thoughts on “Three Questions for the New Year: Part Two

  1. I have “something wonderful” that made me think of you – I need to it mail to you (OK “it” is stuff I have found while cleaning out our house to get ready for the move…) I don’t have your address, and Kathy gave me your email, but I’m at work and your email address is at home… Email me, send me your address, and I’ll send “something wonderful”

  2. The North American auto industry is currently ruled by dinosaurs. I predict that the industry’s collapse will allow a lot of smart mammals to come scurrying out from between the palms. The mammals will eat the dinosaurs’ carcasses for lunch, and use the energy they gain to create a new, smart, efficient auto industry that actually makes ecologically friendly vehicles people want to drive.

    Well, more of a hope than a prediction, actually….

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