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Three Questions for the New Year: Part One

I am curious about a few things, most especially considering the monumentally bizarre and historical year that we have just left behind us.

So in the quest for deeper conversation, more direct and useful contact with my brilliant readers (that’s you!), and topics of future rants, I have Three Questions for the New Year that I would like to pose to you over the next few posts.

Feel free to just ponder about them in silence, or better yet, leave a comment, or post in response, with a link back here.

Question One:

What, in your opinion, will history REALLY say about our fair President, George Walker Bush?

4 thoughts on “Three Questions for the New Year: Part One

  1. OMG! WTF! LuzR. (In the future, no one will be able to read whole words. W might seem like a prophet since he never spoke in coherent sentences)

  2. GWB will be remembered as the President realized that most Americans were “working hard to put food on your family.” And he wanted to support that.

  3. I know that he believes that history will vindicate him, but I do not share that opinion. I think that he was not qualified for the job in any other way than his ego. His re-election was part of our decision to leave the US. It is hard to find a decision that he made that seems justified by the results.

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