What an Orchid Eats

The orchid and its splitting leaves
Sat drying out on the
Tank of our toilet for a
Year, uncomplaining about
The noise, and the sheetrock dust, but,
Most of all,
The proximity to the
Water it desired but could not

Me and the orchid eyed
Each other every damn day.
Well, that is, what was left of
The dignified beauty that
I could not bring myself to revive
It takes time for me to
Come to terms with
The difference between
How much I want something to
Occur and how much effort
It will require.

The orchid sat outside in the
Sun for a little while today:
So did I. I hung the clothes on the
Line while it soaked its
Medium and drained out through
The pot hole.
What an orchid eats is
Drenching water and dappled sun
And potassium mottled through
Dirty sticks. But mostly it
Feeds (like me) on

This post is part of a month-long BIG QUESTION series. This month’s theme is “What is eating you?” Please do read more!

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